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Our Mission... is to provide education and training for child care providers in underserved communities

Helping Parents by supplying valuable information on licensed child care in your area and tips for selecting a child care provider.  Helping child care providers by offering professional training, and an abundance of resources. - online math for kids offers an engaging environment with interactive lessons, videos, quizzes, tests and activities designed by certified teachers and experts in various fields. All of these tools are designed for users to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the topics at hand while having fun at the same time! In addition to making education fun, Brightly also works hard to ensure equity by offering flexible payment options so that everyone can take advantage of the quality educational opportunities available on its site regardless of their financial situation or location in the world. With this commitment, Brightly has become an invaluable asset within our global learning community helping every learner succeed no matter where they come from or what challenges they face each day!
Vision Statement:
We envision a future where ever childcare provider in our network is licensed, certified and recognized as a qualified professional.
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